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Darling Hens and Gina Conway Privé partner to create new make-up masterclass hen party


Darling Hens the go-to activity provider for style-savvy London hens, today announces a new hen party activity, exclusively designed in collaboration with luxury lifestyle brand Gina Conway Privé. ‘Celebrity makeover’ is a makeover session with a big difference: as well as receiving a gorgeous makeover, hens will receive tailored makeup tuition from highly qualified makeup artists, including insider tips and beauty secrets and advice on how to edit and make the most of the contents of your makeup bag.

Gina Conway Privé’s hand-picked, talented beauty team have a cult celebrity following. They pride themselves on their world-class service and aim to recreate a salon experience in your chosen location with high quality products and gorgeous candles.

The ‘Celebrity makeover’ party lasts around two and a half hours, and includes live demonstrations and applications. The bride-to-be is given a luxe new look as the teacher demonstrates how to expertly apply makeup - including how to create a flawless base, highlighting & contouring, eyes, brows and lips. Each hen is given some one-to-one tuition while they learn how to create their perfect smoky eye, including how to create the best look to suit their face. The makeup artist will also offer independent advice on what colours and products they should be using. In addition, the bride-to-be will receive with a surprise special gift.

Multi award winner Gina Conway owns three successful Aveda Lifestyle salons in London. The salons have been featured in Elle, OK! Magazine, New Magazine, Wedding Magazine, Hairdressers Journal and more. Gina and her team have worked alongside designers at London, Paris and New York fashion weeks where they have worked with top fashion designers including Jean Paul Gaultier, Valentino, Armani, Dolce And Gabbana and Vivienne Westwood.

Darling Hens is the site for London hens in-the-know. Our small team scour London to find innovative suppliers to host their hen parties, including some of the city’s most talented experts in fields as diverse as perfumery, cheese making, circus skills and hula hooping. For more information contact

At home manicure / pedicure

Louise Scodie tries out Gina Conway’s Prive service and gets a mani-pedi at home

What’s the buzz?

Tired of squelching home in the freezing rain in your flip-flops after a salon pedicure? Fancy a massage, but can’t bear the thought of dragging yourself home afterwards feeling sleepy? These are the beauty dilemmas that Gina Conway’s Prive service has been designed to solve. It’s an uncomplicated yet super useful-premise: a beautician comes to your home or hotel room and carries out your treatment. Your home might not be as relaxing and clean as your favourite salon but Prive’s beauticians make an effort to create a haven for the duration of your treatment by lighting scented candles.

My friendly beautician Kaajal arrived to do a manicure and pedicure and brought everything with her – you don’t need to use any of your towels or bowls. She even brought with a foldable couch, which I laid on for two hours with an eye mask on whilst Kaajal did my nails. Two hours is not the speediest for a mani-pedi but this is a service that’s about taking time out for yourself and it’s quite rare that you actually get to lie down whilst having your nails done. Kaajal’s choice of colours was clearly not as wide as you’d get in a salon – she’s got to carry them around with her – but with a blue, a purple, a glitter and a couple of reds and pinks, there was enough to suit most tastes. I went for a festive red and my nails now look delicious – short, square and cuticle free, just like I asked for.

Location: Your place

How much does it cost? £85 an hour for beauty and £100 an hour for hair services


Products I love - Murad Age Reform Refreshing Cleanser


Murad Blog by Hannah Coles, Gina Conway Spa 

I have been a beauty therapist for many years and was really excited when I heard we were going to introduce Murad facials at our salons and as part of our home service. In my experience Murad facials and products are the best for your skin and my clients who have regular Murad facials and use Murad products have fantastically glowing skin.

If there was one product that stood out it would be the Murad Refreshing Cleanser. I decided to try it for myself following the results from my clients. In one week I received compliments about how healthy my skin was looking.

The main benefits of this cleanser are that it takes make-up off straight away, removing surface dirt whilst deeply hydrating the skin and it is gentle enough to use every day. I also love the fact that it doesn’t strip the essential oils and moisture from the skin.

How to use.

Massage a small amount of the cleanser onto a damp face and neck to remove complexion-dulling surface dirt and deeply hydrate the skin. Follow with moisturiser.


Natalie from The Little Beauty Guide receives a make over with Michele Hier


I'll let you into a secret - I'm lazy when it comes to beauty. I realised this the hard way, having bleached half my tresses to jump on the pastel hair trend, only to realise ice cream-coloured dyes last all of a couple of days before fading. Colouring one’s locks every other day? Unthinkable. Same goes for facial cleanser – if it needs to be washed off, I’m not interested (thank goodness for Bioderma Créaline).

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good pampering from time to time. But if I could cut out the time it takes me to trek to the salon for that haircut/blowdry/manicure/bikini wax, I would. And that’s where Gina ConwayPrivé comes in. The luxury London salon’s ingenious service delivers expert treatments – from makeup application to massages – to your home, office or even hotel. Fellow lazy beauty fans, rejoice.

For the sake of scientific research, I simply had to try it out for myself and Little Beauty Guide’s esteemed readers. (I love my job.) So when the LBG’s editor Emily extended an invite from Privé to have a pre-show treatment before watching Miss Saigon at the Prince Edward Theatre, I happily obliged.

Upon arriving at the Soho institution, I was swept up into one of the theatre’s backstage rooms and offered a menu of tempting treatments. After deliberating a manicure or head massage, I decided on a makeup refresh (having been rushing between meetings all day, I was looking a little worse for wear). My very own makeup artist, the ultra glamorous Michele Hier, began work on my unconcealed dark circles and mascara-less lashes. My approach to choosing a makeup look is rather like selecting a meal from a restaurant menu – opt for something you can’t DIY. Left to my own devices, a smoky eye can look more scary than sultry, so I requested just that. Michele blended chocolate-toned shadows, working with my hooded lids with expert ease.

After only 20 minutes in the chair, my face was suitably attired for a night at the theatre, lids smoked and not a trace of under-eye circles. I hopped over to the auditorium next door to watch a stellar performance of Miss Saigon (even my musical-loathing boyfriend was converted). And then onto cocktails, because you know, a smoky eye this good simply can’t be wasted on an early night.

For more information on Gina Conway Privé or to book visit their website 



Introducing ‘Invisiblur’ from Murad

Since I have moved to London, I have found a rapid change in my skin. Although London is an amazing place to live the pollution is extremely high and this is having an ageing effect on our skin. Recently I read that tiny particles and toxic gases emitted mainly by diesel vehicles attack the skin, causing the formation of pigment spots and wrinkles normally associated with old age. What a scary thought…

It is essential that we ensure protect our skin. I have found an incredible product by Murad, ‘Invisiblur’. It is not only a treatment but an SPF shield and a primer all in one! Being a beauty therapist, I deal with my clients skin concerns on a daily basis and have discovered that some clients tend to use a combination of products with the occasional dab of SPF on top. Primarily because they don't understand the point of an SPF (and as much as we love London, the sun isn't always shining) and don't like the heavy oily texture that serums and SPF moisturises commonly contain.

Our skin is exposed to harmful UV Rays and pollution come rain or shine and if we don't protect it and look after our skin we will see the dreaded effects of ageing and congestion in many years to come. 

If there was one hero product I would choose (and I love products) it would be Invisiblur. It contains an SPF 30 but in the lightest, hydrating texture which is pretty impressive. It's really silky and the light coverage makes it a great primer for more natural skin or make-up free days or even better yet it's easy to mix with your foundation to give you that perfect flawless finish. 

I honestly haven't found a client who has given me bad feedback about this product and I can tell their skin looks more radiant and hydrated. I'm not letting London and its pollution get the better of my skin. I'd recommend anyone to try this no matter what skin type you have.

Boe Magazine - April-experiences we're looking forward to

Those who love massage will also know the wrenching feeling of having a superb treatment, falling under the spell of relaxation, and then, at the end, having to get changed and head back into the harsh realities of the outside world. The lights are too bright, the pace is too rushed, and those soothing whale sounds are too easily forgotten. Well, there is cause for celebration, as now Privé by Gina Conway has arrived -  a chance to enjoy treatments in your own home (or even your office if you have an hour between meetings and need to realign your chakras.) Privé will send a professional masseuse to your desired location, who will then set up their table, scented candles and music, all to give you the ultimate spa experience without the effort of heading outside. Yep, getting a massage has now become even more luxuriant. We gave it a whirl and were lucky enough to experience the healing hands of Manuel. Using his very own lemon-scented oils he worked on pressure points and released the trapped energy that had been making us lethargic, and we were even left with therapeutic bath salts to continue the spa-sensation later on. Perfect for an indulgent treat, those pressed for time, or even a girl’s night in.

10 steps to get your skin ready for your big day by Laura Ramsay, Spa Manager, Gina Conway Spa

1. Regular facials are essential for the build up to the big day, depending on your concerns I would recommend starting 6 months beforehand. The Murad Age reform facials are amazing for targeting several different skin concerns. Initially you should start with a course of 6 facials on a weekly basis then monthly follow up treatments.

2. Using the right skincare at home is just as essential to maintaining the glow and amazing skin after having one of these facials. The Murad Essential-C Cleanser leaves the skin feeling fresh and hydrated daily. Tiny Vitamin E beads burst on the skin when applied drenching the skin in hydration. Use daily morning and evening, massaging onto damp skin and removing with a facial shammy. £34 RRP

3. The Ayurvedic facial massage is a holistic alternative to anti-ageing. Using Marma point massage techniques to stimulate collagen production and healing within the skin - you will drift off into a dreamlike state whilst having the treatment (great for the stress of organizing a wedding) and awake to beautiful plump skin. I would recommend having 2-3 of these over the 6 month period - with the last one being 3-4 days before the wedding.

4. Eyes are always a concern for us ladies, using the NEW Aveda Botanical Kinetics Energizing Eye Crème will help to eliminate dark circles, under eye puffiness and dehydration significantly within 4 weeks of use. The cream should be applied daily, morning and night using the ring fingers. Dab the cream around the eye bone and brow bone and then using the ring fingers massage the cream in using large circles around the area. Especially the morning of the big day. £28 RRP

5. Stress can build up during this time with the organising and worry - so a 90 minute Aveda Stress Fix Massage will help to relax and give some time back to you. Using the Aveda Stress fix range, its aroma has been clinically proven to eliminate stress hormones by 97%. I would recommend one a month.

6. Once on to the monthly facial appointments you can provide yourself with a mini weekly facial at home to maintain that healthy glow. The Murad Age Reform Intensive Resurfacing Peel is the closest to a professional peel that a home care product can be. With 4 vials in there you can perform an at home facial once a week for a month - or can be used when you need an immediate glow to the skin. Leave on for 10 minutes after cleansing and rinse off. RRP £55

7. For areas of congestion or breakouts the Murad Pore Reform Blackhead & Pore Clearing Duo is a lifesaver. It’s a 2 step mask based product to be used on areas of congestion. The first product is gently massaged into the skin and the clay draws out impurities, whilst the serum is then applied to prevent blackheads forming again by an average of 55%!  RRP £50

8. To really enhance the look of makeup and the facial features on the day I would recommend the Brow Bar experience for a complete overhaul of the brows to provide definition and structure. It uses a 4 step approach of tinting, tweezing, waxing and threading to provide the perfect shape.

9. An eyelash tint and eyelash extensions are also amazing for giving a natural, smudge/tear proof look on the big day.

10. 24hours before the big day I would recommend one last age reform 60 minute facial to enhance the glow of the skin and give that fresh, dewy look.


'Layered on Line Blog - 19th March 2015' Struggle to make time for salon visits? The Gina Conway team are just an app away...

There really is no place like home, right? Don’t get us wrong, we’re huge fans of salon trips and spa days (or weekends if we’re lucky), but for the ultimate in relaxation sometimes your own living room just can’t be beaten. And that’s why Gina Conway has just launched her clever new Privé service, which takes the services from her salon into your home (or office/hotel room if you so fancy). Just download the (free) Privé by Gina Conway app (or call 020 8234 6899), select your service (they offer everything from blow-dries and manis to massages and lash tints) and the Gina Conway team will arrive with everything they need to recreate a luxe, spa experience (think fluffy robes, relaxing music and scented candles) - all without having to step out your front door. Bliss.
Hero Products

Gina Conway owner of Gina Conway Privé tells us about her make up must-haves and beauty products for the over 50’s

gina conwayHero Products

Gina Conway, owner of Gina Conway Privé tells us about her skincare secrets