Louise Scodie tries out Gina Conway’s Prive service and gets a mani-pedi at home

What’s the buzz?

Tired of squelching home in the freezing rain in your flip-flops after a salon pedicure? Fancy a massage, but can’t bear the thought of dragging yourself home afterwards feeling sleepy? These are the beauty dilemmas that Gina Conway’s Prive service has been designed to solve. It’s an uncomplicated yet super useful-premise: a beautician comes to your home or hotel room and carries out your treatment. Your home might not be as relaxing and clean as your favourite salon but Prive’s beauticians make an effort to create a haven for the duration of your treatment by lighting scented candles.

My friendly beautician Kaajal arrived to do a manicure and pedicure and brought everything with her – you don’t need to use any of your towels or bowls. She even brought with a foldable couch, which I laid on for two hours with an eye mask on whilst Kaajal did my nails. Two hours is not the speediest for a mani-pedi but this is a service that’s about taking time out for yourself and it’s quite rare that you actually get to lie down whilst having your nails done. Kaajal’s choice of colours was clearly not as wide as you’d get in a salon – she’s got to carry them around with her – but with a blue, a purple, a glitter and a couple of reds and pinks, there was enough to suit most tastes. I went for a festive red and my nails now look delicious – short, square and cuticle free, just like I asked for.

Location: Your place

How much does it cost? £85 an hour for beauty and £100 an hour for hair services