Products I love - Murad Age Reform Refreshing Cleanser


Murad Blog by Hannah Coles, Gina Conway Spa 

I have been a beauty therapist for many years and was really excited when I heard we were going to introduce Murad facials at our salons and as part of our home service. In my experience Murad facials and products are the best for your skin and my clients who have regular Murad facials and use Murad products have fantastically glowing skin.

If there was one product that stood out it would be the Murad Refreshing Cleanser. I decided to try it for myself following the results from my clients. In one week I received compliments about how healthy my skin was looking.

The main benefits of this cleanser are that it takes make-up off straight away, removing surface dirt whilst deeply hydrating the skin and it is gentle enough to use every day. I also love the fact that it doesn’t strip the essential oils and moisture from the skin.

How to use.

Massage a small amount of the cleanser onto a damp face and neck to remove complexion-dulling surface dirt and deeply hydrate the skin. Follow with moisturiser.


Introducing ‘Invisiblur’ from Murad

Since I have moved to London, I have found a rapid change in my skin. Although London is an amazing place to live the pollution is extremely high and this is having an ageing effect on our skin. Recently I read that tiny particles and toxic gases emitted mainly by diesel vehicles attack the skin, causing the formation of pigment spots and wrinkles normally associated with old age. What a scary thought…

It is essential that we ensure protect our skin. I have found an incredible product by Murad, ‘Invisiblur’. It is not only a treatment but an SPF shield and a primer all in one! Being a beauty therapist, I deal with my clients skin concerns on a daily basis and have discovered that some clients tend to use a combination of products with the occasional dab of SPF on top. Primarily because they don't understand the point of an SPF (and as much as we love London, the sun isn't always shining) and don't like the heavy oily texture that serums and SPF moisturises commonly contain.

Our skin is exposed to harmful UV Rays and pollution come rain or shine and if we don't protect it and look after our skin we will see the dreaded effects of ageing and congestion in many years to come. 

If there was one hero product I would choose (and I love products) it would be Invisiblur. It contains an SPF 30 but in the lightest, hydrating texture which is pretty impressive. It's really silky and the light coverage makes it a great primer for more natural skin or make-up free days or even better yet it's easy to mix with your foundation to give you that perfect flawless finish. 

I honestly haven't found a client who has given me bad feedback about this product and I can tell their skin looks more radiant and hydrated. I'm not letting London and its pollution get the better of my skin. I'd recommend anyone to try this no matter what skin type you have.