Products I love - Murad Age Reform Refreshing Cleanser


Murad Blog by Hannah Coles, Gina Conway Spa 

I have been a beauty therapist for many years and was really excited when I heard we were going to introduce Murad facials at our salons and as part of our home service. In my experience Murad facials and products are the best for your skin and my clients who have regular Murad facials and use Murad products have fantastically glowing skin.

If there was one product that stood out it would be the Murad Refreshing Cleanser. I decided to try it for myself following the results from my clients. In one week I received compliments about how healthy my skin was looking.

The main benefits of this cleanser are that it takes make-up off straight away, removing surface dirt whilst deeply hydrating the skin and it is gentle enough to use every day. I also love the fact that it doesn’t strip the essential oils and moisture from the skin.

How to use.

Massage a small amount of the cleanser onto a damp face and neck to remove complexion-dulling surface dirt and deeply hydrate the skin. Follow with moisturiser.