Boe Magazine - April-experiences we're looking forward to

Those who love massage will also know the wrenching feeling of having a superb treatment, falling under the spell of relaxation, and then, at the end, having to get changed and head back into the harsh realities of the outside world. The lights are too bright, the pace is too rushed, and those soothing whale sounds are too easily forgotten. Well, there is cause for celebration, as now Privé by Gina Conway has arrived -  a chance to enjoy treatments in your own home (or even your office if you have an hour between meetings and need to realign your chakras.) Privé will send a professional masseuse to your desired location, who will then set up their table, scented candles and music, all to give you the ultimate spa experience without the effort of heading outside. Yep, getting a massage has now become even more luxuriant. We gave it a whirl and were lucky enough to experience the healing hands of Manuel. Using his very own lemon-scented oils he worked on pressure points and released the trapped energy that had been making us lethargic, and we were even left with therapeutic bath salts to continue the spa-sensation later on. Perfect for an indulgent treat, those pressed for time, or even a girl’s night in.